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I think about wine a lot. Been thinking about wine a lot since getting the bug in '99 or so. Food also, but I could never hack it in a restaurant kitchen and the thinking a lot doesn't really lend itself to being a great line cook. 

Strangely, it's very easy to remember the bottles that turned me from simple wine consumer to infected enthusiast practically overnight. 

Foxen - Syrah from mid nineties?? Tasted in the shack by the road. Meaty, pepper, not-fuity, otherworldly to my very Middle of the Road wine interest at the time.

Joseph Phelps - Insignia '94 & '95. Had a friend that knew somebody and basically traded little or nothing for bottles of these. For all the hot air, so many special wines have been made in Napa over the years and these were seismic for me. Power and grace in such an easy to love Cabernet fashion. Bet they're still awesome. 

Far Niete - Unlabeled Chardonnay from same era. God knows what this was, but a revelation of complexity and expression from what was previously a completely innocuous grape variety in my mind. 

Pushing 20 years on since then, my enthusiasm is intact and has inspired a continual pursuit of remarkable wine. Most people I've met in the wine business are fully in it for the pure joy of the quest - and a few make a living doing it. Here's to the hunt and and all those on it. Glad I'm in good company.